Internet Is Disturbed By Viral Video Of Man Using Hotdog As Beer Straw


The Internet is a gift that keeps on giving and while on most days it is a wonderful place, sometimes it throws up the information you wish you never came across. A case in point is a new video, viral across platforms, featuring a man watching a baseball game. That sounds harmless, but there is more. The man in question is seen enjoying the game with a glass of beer and a hotdog. Things are fine until the spectator decides to dip the hotdog into the glass and use it as a straw. To do this, he is seen poking two holes in either side of the hotdog. He then proceeds to place the hotdog into the beer and drinks from it. And, while we wish we were making this up, we aren’t.

The video, which was shared five days ago, has amassed nearly 5.8 million views on Instagram.

Needless to say, the users were left deeply disturbed by what they saw in the video. Egyptian-American comedian Kareem Rahma replied to the post saying, “Legend.”

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A person confessed, “I wish there was a way to go back in time and not watch this,” a user wrote.” 

“Yes officer, that guy right there,” another user joked, hinting that the man should be arrested.

Actress-model and author Padma Lakshmi too reshared the video with a bunch of shocked expression emojis. Chef Nik Sharma replied to the post saying, “Trying to understand this hurts my head.”

“Time’s up, paper straws,” another user joked, while one comment said, “Is it wrong that I want to try this?”

Watch it here:

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