How To Make Aloo Cheela: A Quick, Easy And Yummy Breakfast Recipe Ready In 15 Mins


There are many ingredients that a person can cook from, but we all know that potatoes are the most versatile of them all. You can always use potatoes to make something or the other whenever you’re stuck for food ideas. Not just Indian food, but all different cuisines around the world are dominated by potatoes. So, whether you want to eat a rich dum aloo or patata bravas from Spain, potatoes can be used however you want them. But, if you seek something quick and simple, then how about making an aloo ka cheela? This aloo cheela is generally eaten during Navratras, but it also makes for a great dish otherwise. It’s simple and fulfilling to the core.

This recipe has a crispy texture from the outside and is mushy on the inside. You can mix almost any masalas you want into this. If you wish to make this nutritious, add a bunch of vegetables of your liking. This simple breakfast recipe for potato pancakes can also be used to create a delicious teatime snack. So, if you’re searching for a quick, easy, any-time snack, this recipe is what you need! When you make it, pair it with a spicy green chutney and relish! Check the full recipe of this dish below.

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Aloo cheela is a recipe you simply didn’t know existed.

Aloo Cheela Recipe: Here’s How To Make Aloo Cheela

First, take some potatoes and grate them. Now, combine these grated potatoes with besan and corn flour in a bowl. Now add your preferred masalas to this. After combining, add some water and mix again. Make sure it has a thick consistency only. Once that is done, heat a pan and spread some oil. Pour the potato mixture and cook from both sides. Once golden and crisp, serve!

For the full recipe of this yummy aloo cheela, click here.

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