How to earn money while making YouTube Shorts: THIS is what you need to do


YouTube Shorts have a fund of $100 million through which creators can get a monthly bonus between $100–$10,000. So, if you want to earn while making videos, know the rules and eligibility criterias.

Nearly two years after the launch of Shorts, YouTube has now become a place where long-form videos and music exist together with short-form content. Shorts have been gaining popularity on YouTube and today, they are generating 30 billion views per day, up 400% from 1 year ago, with 1.5 billion monthly logged in users consuming YouTube Shorts content.

Shorts have enabled creators and artists of all stripes in connecting with fans around the world. Both new and existing creators are reaching viewers across a diverse range of topic areas with short-form content. Shorts creators are giving rise to new and innovative formats of short-form storytelling. And, creating a short video on YouTube is as easy as tapping one icon!

Here’s how you can create your own Shorts

Start: To get started, tap the create (+) icon at the bottom center of the home page on the YouTube mobile app. From there, select the “Create a Short” title on the create submenu.

Create: This is where the fun really begins! In the Shorts Camera, you can shoot up to 60s of content and access fun tools.

Every creator on YouTube has their own definition of success, whether it’s to express themselves creatively, build a pathway to fame and fortune or to build global communities. That’s why YouTube offers creators a range of video formats for the creator to use as they see fit — from Video on Demand to Shorts to Live to Audio — all while earning money from multiple revenue streams.

YouTube’s Shorts Fund

The Shorts Fund rewards the next generation of mobile creators for their original contributions to Shorts, while also offering them a new way to earn money and build a business on YouTube. The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community. YouTube reaches out to thousands of creators each month to tell them that they have qualified for a Shorts bonus from the fund. Qualifying channels can get between $100–$10,000 each month.

Who is Eligible

Anyone is eligible to participate in the fund simply by creating unique Shorts that delight the YouTube community. The Shorts Fund is not limited to just creators in the YouTube Partner Program. In fact, as per YouTube, over 40 percent of creators who got a check from the Fund last year weren’t previously monetizing their content on YouTube.

To be eligible for a bonus from the YouTube Shorts Fund channels need to have uploaded at least one eligible Short in the last 180 days. Creators will be eligible to participate if they create original content for Shorts and adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules, and monetization policies.


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