How To Clean Raw Meat At Home- 5 Tips To Follow


When it comes to non-vegetarian food, many people have their preferences. But the one thing that is widely eaten is meat. Indian cuisine is full of meat recipes people can’t get enough of. They have it in restaurants, cafes, dhabas and even make them at home. The chewy-textured food cooked in a pool of spices seems to be everyone’s favourite. However, when it comes to cooking meat at home, it becomes a lot of work. Not only do you have to wait an hour for the meat to cook, but cleaning it is a different challenge. So, if you also face problems while cleaning the meat, here are some tips you can follow. Check them out below:

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Here’re 5 Tips To Clean Meat:

1. Vinegar

One of the most popular acids for washing meat is this everyday cooking and cleaning ingredient- vinegar! It has been demonstrated that the presence of citric acid reduces the volume and proliferation of bacteria on the surface of several types of meat. You can use this to remove the bacteria and ensure a clean cut.


2. Lemon

In addition to adding flavour to your food, lemon juices have been known to be helpful in daily cooking to lessen meat-borne germs and preserve the flavour of cooked meat. While cleaning, you can use lemon on the cuts to make them bacteria free.


3. Salt Water

Cleaning the unneeded tissues and soaking them in warm water with a dash of salt or turmeric aids in the removal of bacteria. Once the meat is soaked in salt water, rinse the meat with cold water after 10 minutes to preserve the texture. Drain the water, let it air dry, and then use a paper towel to pat dry it.

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4. Preserving the meat

When the meat is completely dry, put it in an airtight container and seal it up. In this manner, fresh meat may be kept in the fridge for up to a week. But make sure the original packet or package from which the meat was brought home is changed.


5. Avoid Cross Contamination

When kept on any surface, raw meat can catch bacteria from it. This further leads to your food getting contaminated with germs. So, if you want to avoid that, use a clean surface or a plate. Don’t keep the raw meat on a table, a slab, or a dirty utensil.

So, the next time you bring raw meat home, keep these tips in mind before washing and cooking!


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