How To Blanch Spinach Without Losing Its Colour


Most of us share a love-hate relationship with spinach. This leafy green is loaded with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Therefore, you know that avoiding it may not be the best idea for your overall health, even if you do not enjoy the taste of it. There’s so much you can do with spinach; use them as sandwich fillings, blend them in smoothies, or cook them in hearty broths, curries and many more recipes. You can also toss them in salads or pancakes, or sneak them in dumplings, baos etc. However, to make all these recipes, you need to blanch the spinach perfectly. For the unversed, blanching is a very simple process to preserve the flavours and colour of leafy greens. However, even after blanching, there are times when spinach loses its colour. Fret not, here we bring you a few easy tips that can help you blanch spinach without losing its colour. Take a look below.

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Here’re Tips To Blanch Spinach Without Losing Its Colour:

To begin with, wash the spinach leaves properly to remove the dirt. Once done, roughly chop them and add water to a wide pan or kadhai. Let the water boil.

After that, add washed spinach to the boiled water.

With the help of a ladle, immerse the leaves completely in water.

Cook for two minutes. You will notice that the leaves will slightly change their colour.

Take the leaves out of the pan and strain.

The last step is to immediately soak the leaves in a bowl of ice-cold water for a minute or so. Drain all the excess water.

You can use them whenever it is required. You can also freeze it for future use.

Spinach is one of the best and easiest ways to add some to your daily diet. If you want to include spinach in your diet, click here for some amazing recipes. These recipes are not only nutritious but also very nutritious.

Try these easy-peasy tips at home and let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.


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