How Restaurants Are Embracing Sustainability To Reduce Food Wastage

In modern society, food waste is a major issue and the restaurant sector is where it’s most noticeable. Restaurants with big buffet offers attract major gatherings of the city under one roof on a regular basis and the same food is also prepared in large quantities. Sadly, a lot of the food prepared goes waste at the end of the day. But keeping sustainability and environments in mind, some sincere restaurants always follow the best ways possible measures to minimise food wastage.

Below are six practices restaurants focus on to reduce waste are:

1. Team clears the scope of buying stock and avoids over buying which helps in monitoring actual consumption in an efficient way possible.

2. Storing food in a clean and correct environment and following the FIFO method for stock rotation along with the right temperature of refrigeration.

3. Stock inventory keeps track of all necessary food items requirements at the right time to avoid food getting forgotten and also to avoid waste.

4. Doing inspection on arrival of raw food deliveries to prevent excess and waste on a regular basis.

5. Exercising portion control, as quality is much more preferable than quantity.

6. Deliver the leftover food in packages to needy ones.By following above practices, restaurants can manage to avoid food wastage. To strengthen restaurant cost controls and maximise profitability, waste controls must be put in place. Failing to do so may lead to some serious long-term effects on our ecosystem.

Author: Kamal Jalan, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at The Black Pearl, Marathahalli, Bengaluru

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