Have You Tried Irani Biryani Yet? Do It Now With This Chef-Special Recipe

Biryani is one of the few dishes in India that enjoy immense popularity and are available in almost all regions of the country. The deeply ingrained flavours of the whole spices, the invigorating aroma that fills up the air with deliciousness – everything about biryani is delectable. Besides its heart-warming taste, the popularity of this dish can also be pinned to its versatility. Biryani traverses the boundaries with different flavours and ingredients but its essence remains the same. From Hyderabadi biryani to Awadhi biryani and even vegetarian biryanis, there is no dearth in its variety, and we happen to love them all.

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You might have tried most of the popular versions of biryani, but have you ever tried Irani biryani? Deviating from the spice-heavy biryanis, Irani biryani is a milder and lighter version of the rice dish but spells comfort in every bite. The best part about this biryani is that it looks beautiful.

The Irani biryani recipe that we have was shared by chef Jaswant Singh and we just can’t wait to try it out. The upside-down rice preparation looks like a small dome or a cake, and just by looking at it, you would start salivating.

What makes Irani biryani different?

Irani biryani adds potatoes and eggplant to the dish. Of course, chicken is also added if one is making chicken biryani, and whole spices are not missing either. It’s just the spices don’t overpower the dish and let the vegetables and chicken be the heroes of the dish. The combination of these three foods works well and makes the dish quite satiating.

Irani Biryani Recipe I How To Make Irani Biryani

Potatoes and eggplants are fried separately and combined with chicken cooked in sautéed onions and some whole spices. Everything is topped with rice in the pot, and once cooked, it is turned upside down to give that savoury cake look.

Click here for the complete step-by-step recipe of Irani biryani.

If you are a fan of biryani, and all kinds of biryanis, you must give Irani biryani also a try. And don’t forget to tell us how you liked it.

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