Harsh Goenka Shares What Our Favourite Indian Snacks Teach Us About Life


If there’s one thing that unites foodies across the internet, it has to be the love for Indian food. Although we all love pizzas, burgers and noodles too – the humble Indian cuisine has a place of its own in our hearts and our stomach. While Indian food is extremely delicious and versatile, we recently saw a post on Twitter that made us realise that food can be a great teacher too. Yes, you read that right! We can actually learn lessons from our favourite Indian snacks, as industrialist Harsh Goenka shared in a post. Take a look at what he wrote about this foodie wisdom:

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“Wisdom from our favourite snacks,” wrote industrialist Harsh Goenka in his post. The tweet has already received over 1.5k likes and hundreds of comments and retweets. In the picture he shared, there was pani puri, dhokla, jalebi and chai. Each food item was linked to a life lesson. For instance, jalebi taught us that it was all about being ‘sweet’. Dhokla taught us that even soft things could withstand pressure while pani puri not to lose hope. Meanwhile, for chai, it was about being present for people as a ‘comfort’ to provide moral support.

The post about foodie wisdom and what our favourite Indian snacks teach us was originally shared by Zomato on their Instagram handle. Take a look:

A number of foodies on Twitter could resonate with the love for Indian food and how simple lessons could be learnt from food as well! “Bitter journeys could lead you to happy times – Beer,” wrote user Pavan Kalyan in the quote tweets. “These snacks do teach us a lot,” said another user Kavita Mishra.

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

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