Hair Oiling Mistakes: 9 Dont’s To Keep In Mind When Oiling Your Hair


Hair Oiling Mistakes: 9 Dont's To Keep In Mind When Oiling Your Hair

Combing post-oiling can cause hair breakage

Hair oiling has been advocated by many generations before us. Oiling helps nourish and moisturise our scalp which further improves the health of our hair. However, lack of proper care and not doing it correctly might do more harm than good. In this article, we discuss oiling mistakes we must stop making.

9 Hair oiling mistakes you must give up right away:

1. Don’t oil overnight

We are often encouraged to oil hair overnight. However, that might do more harm than good to our hair. Overnight hair oiling can clog our pores and might even attract dirt, etc. Ideally, you should apply oil to your roots 3-4 hours before washing your hair.

2. Don’t oil oily hair

Oily hair often attracts dust, dirt, and even microorganisms. Oiling oily hair can further clog pores which is common with oily hair. It is ideal to treat your oily hair before implementing oiling hair.

3. Don’t use oil if you have dandruff

When you already have dandruff, using oil on your scalp will just aggravate the dry buildup. If you have dandruff, try using hair products made for dandruff. Along with that, try homemade hair masks that hydrate the scalp.

4. Don’t use oil if you have hairfall

Unlike what many might think, oiling may not always be beneficial when trying to treat hairfall. If the cause behind your hairfall is dryness in the roots only in that case oiling can be helpful. In other cases, it is ideal to talk to a doctor.

5. Don’t comb post oiling

This may be a given. Combing oiled or wet hair causes breakage due to the hair being in a sensitive state. Try combing before oiling. You are encouraged to comb your hair while having your hair conditioner on.

6. Don’t be too generous

Using too much oil when oiling can make hair washes even more hectic. Residual oil in hair can clog pores and make your scalp dehydrated and oily. Using extra oil does not mean extra benefits and it is ideal to use enough to just cover your roots with oil.

7. Don’t put your hair in a towel

If you aren’t careful enough when using towels, you might end up breaking your hair. Instead of using a towel to cover your hair, it is recommended to wrap it in a cotton t-shirt to assist the oil absorption. With no damage or harm to the hair, it will prevent your hair from smudging your clothes and surroundings.

8. Don’t tie your hair

The strain from tying it up can easily damage our strands. Furthermore, it might lead to split ends and hair loss if we are not cautious.

9. Don’t massage too much

Anything in excess is bad for you. Long periods of hair massaging might break or weaken your strands and change the texture of your hair. Furthermore, this can result in more knots that can cause breakage later.

Make sure to consider these tips before oiling your hair to ensure the best results.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.


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