Google Gemini AI model launch delayed amidst challenges: Report

In a surprising turn of events, Google has decided to postpone the highly-anticipated launch of its AI model, Google Gemini AI. Initially scheduled for release next week, the company has now rescheduled the launch to January. The initial announcement had come months ago during the annual I/O 2023 conference, where Google, alongside Alphabet co-founder Sergey Brin, introduced Gemini, the latest addition to its AI portfolio. The decision to delay the launch was attributed to concerns about the AI model’s non-reliability in handling non-English queries. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, personally opted for the delay to ensure the global language support is robust, aiming to surpass the capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Fine-Tuning to Meet OpenAI’s Standard

Sources cited in today’s report indicate that Google has, in certain aspects, already met the high standard set by OpenAI. The company is working to address any remaining issues and finalise the primary version of Gemini.

The Information, in its coverage, outlined the initial plans for Gemini’s grand unveiling, with a series of events scheduled across California, New York, and Washington. The target audience for these events included politicians and policymakers.

During the announcement at I/O, Google highlighted Gemini’s impressive multimodal capabilities, surpassing its predecessors. Apart from excelling in text and image comprehension, the AI model aims to be highly efficient in tool and API integrations. Google’s vision is to position Gemini as an appealing choice for third-party developers, offering various sizes, including the lightweight “Gecko” for mobile applications.

Sundar Pichai, back in November, emphasised the company’s commitment to releasing Gemini 1.0 promptly, ensuring it is competitive and state-of-the-art, with plans to build upon its capabilities in subsequent versions.

Earlier this year, forming a united front to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4. Demis Hassabis, the leader of this combined team, expressed excitement about the progress, citing projects like Gemini as examples of the synergy achieved by merging the best ideas from both research groups.

With the revised launch date set for January, Google remains focused on delivering a groundbreaking AI model in the form of Gemini, which is poised to bring innovation and advancements in capabilities and future-oriented features such as planning.

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