Google Chromium users beware! Do not put in your login details, you could get hacked

Google Chromium is used by hackers to target victims with fake login screens to gain access.

Hackers keep on finding new ways to dupe innocent people on the internet, and the latest one does it so cleverly! All of us assume that the account login pages we see from Google and Microsoft are safe and cannot be hacked. Sadly, hackers have now found a way to emulate these login pages and trick users to provide all their data, eventually gaining access to the account. And it happens easily if you have enabled the Application Mode on your Chrome browser.

In fact, the hack works on all Chromium based products, and that includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browsers. If the Application Mode is enabled, hackers can send you fake login pages that look no different from the authentic login pages. Once you assume it to be real and provide your ID as well as your password, the hacker has got access to your account. And that means your account and its data has gone for a toss.

Chromium users turn off this mode instantly

First reported by Bleeping Computer, the method largely relies on the Application Mode being turned on in your Chromium based browser. If the mode is active, you will be given authentic looking login pages, as well as app login pages, wherein you could be asked to enter your Microsoft account, or your Google account. It is very easy to fall for these fake pages, and once the user puts the password, the hacker gets the access.

Note that Application Mode is turned off by default on the Chromium based browser and is only meant to be used by developers. The Application Mode lets web developers create apps that resemble native apps, such as the Google suite web apps you see on chrome. In the Application Mode, the toolbars and the address bar both disappear. The website launches in a separate window, and the taskbar will show the icon of the webpage, not Chrome.

Luckily, the only way to keep yourself safe is to ensure you have the Application Mode turned off from the Settings menu.

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