Gang Of Youth Steals Burgers And Drinks From McDonald’s In UK


We love to eat at fast-food joints, don’t we?! Many of us have grown up with fond memories of eating burgers and fries with our families in fast food establishments like McDonald’s and KFC. What if, on one of our visits to our favourite fast food, we witness a full-blown robbery? It would be disturbing, right?! An incident just like this took place in the United Kingdom. A video is being circulated on social media that shows a huge group of young people robbing a McDonald’s outlet. The video was shared on Twitter by @Klaus_Arminius and it has garnered 66.9k views, 1.2k likes and 496 retweets. Take a look:

In the video, we can see a huge mob huddled around the food ordering counters and creating massive chaos. Some people can be seen going past the counter and directly stealing burgers and drinks. The stolen food is also seen being passed around in the crowd. One can also see the staff moving around helplessly while the people stole food from the fast-food joint.

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According to BBC, this McDonald’s robbery took place in an outlet in Nottingham City Centre on Sunday. The incident has been reported to the police, but no arrests have been made as the investigation is underway. The police are treating it as commercial burglary. The police also reported that up to 50 people were part of the incident, and were thought to be between the ages of 14-16. The mob was seen stealing burger and drinks from the fast-food establishment. About 7 youths jumped across the counters and stole the food being prepared. Many were also filming the incident. Police also mention that roughly 20 youths also abused and threatened the McDonald’s staff.

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