From Boardroom To Chaiwala: AI Artist Brings Billionaires To Tea Stall In Mumbai


A cup of tea is an emotion in India. Anything, literally anything can happen over a cup of tea. Whether we realise it or not, tea has become a lifeline for many. And the moment it is served in kulhad cups, its experience elevates to a whole new level. But have you ever thought, what if your tea was served by a billionaire? Yes, you read it right. Courtesy of artificial intelligence we could witness that. Artist Noufal (@kuttipencil__) has pulled out the billionaires from their boardrooms and made them visit Mumbai to “learn the art of tea making” at a tapri. And its eccentric pictures are making rounds on the internet. The Instagram user shared a series of pictures with a lengthy post, wherein he explained the inspiration behind his creativity.

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The post included billionaires from across the world making tea. Beginning with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who can be seen decked in a black polo T-shirt and preparing a hot beverage, while dozens of people can be seen looking at him. Up next, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is putting some ingredients in a large vessel. Former US President Donald Trump was seen pouring milk in a container, while surrounded by a few locals behind him. Next, former US President Barack Obama was seen serving tea in kulhad cups. Well, that surely made us feel like having a cup of tea. Apart from them, the post also included American business magnate Warren Buffet, Google Co-founder Larry Page, Co-founder of Alibaba Jack Ma, and Bill Gates.

While sharing the post, the user wrote in the caption, “Billionaire Learns the Art of Tea-Making in Mumbai: From Boardroom to Chaiwala. Discover the story of a billionaire who visited Mumbai and learned the art of tea-making from a local chaiwala. This heartwarming tale showcases the beauty of cultural exchange and the power of humble experiences. From the streets of Mumbai to the boardrooms of the world, this story reminds us that sometimes the most valuable lessons can be found in the simplest of experiences.”

Take a look at the post here:

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In no time the comments section was flooded with innumerable users lauding the creativity. Several flooded it with clapping and fire emoticons. A comment read, “Wow.” Another said, “Let ‘em cook.”

What do you think of this art? Do tell us if you are a coffee or tea person.


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