For Shilpa Shetty, Sunday Was All About Indulging In This Popular Crispy Snack (Pics Inside)

Shilpa Shetty is one celebrity who never fails to impress us with her foodie habits! With over 26.6 million followers on Instagram, Shilpa Shetty enjoys bringing her fans on all her foodie adventures and behind-the-scenes moments from the set. The celebrity is a hardcore foodie whose passion for food led her to open not one but two restaurants in Mumbai. The yoga enthusiast also loves to binge on indulgent food and is often seen partaking in ‘Sunday Binges’ where she eats whatever she wants and whenever she wants! And, guess what?! This Sunday, we spotted Shilpa Shetty enjoying the cloudy weather with some crunchy and delicious snacks.


The actress’s weekend was all about indulging in the classic rainy snack – pakodas. Shilpa Shetty and her sister Shamita Shetty spent their Sunday snacking on fresh and hot pakodas, and the two seemed to be having an amazing time. The pakodas were so hot that Shilpa Shetty even captured the smoke coming out of Shamita Shetty’s pakoda. In her Instagram stories, we spotted mirchi pakoda/mirchi vadas, pyaaz pakoda and aloo pakoda. But that’s not where her Sunday binge stopped. She also indulged in not one but three types of different desserts. We spotted moong dal payasam, jalebi and two types of dry cake.

Just looking at their weekend indulgence had us drooling for pakodas! If you are craving the same, then why not enjoy crispy pakodas at home? We have found some easy pakoda recipes for you to snack on:

Love Paneer Pakoda? Try These 5 Delicious Ways To Make This Classic Snack

Shilpa Shetty loves to eat but she also loves to make her fellow celebrities eat too! This weekend, Shilpa Shetty decided to send a pizza to Alia Bhatt. The mom-to-be shared on her Instagram that it was the “best I have eaten”. Alia Bhatt’s pizza was topped with mushrooms, red chilli peppers, cherry tomatoes and much more, and it looked delicious!

What do you think of Shilpa Shetty’s weekend binge? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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