Ever Wished To Make Your Own KitKat? This Tokyo Store Lets You Do That


Chocolates have always been close to our hearts. They offers an unmatchable experience that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The flavour of chocolate has inspired various delicious shakes and is used as toppings in cakes as well. Growing up, we all have wished at least once of making our own chocolate at a chocolate factory. While you may think it is not possible, this is exactly what a chocolate store in Japan allows you to do. The outlet named KitKat Chocolatory is located in the Miyashita Park Shopping Mall in Shibuya, Japan.

The Chocolatory is for those who aren’t satisfied by just grabbing a KitKat bar from a shop and want to customise their own. If you are curious about how it works then a person has given a glimpse of the Chocolatory in a video on Instagram. “Make your own KitKat in Shibuya, Tokyo,” the text on the video reads.

In the clip, the staff at the outlet first teaches you how the chocolate is made. After that, you get to choose the type of chocolate for the KitKat. The chocolate is then melted and poured into a mould before the wafer is placed in it. One can also sprinkle some toppings on the KitKat and give it their personal touch.

Once this is completed, the bars are sent to the refrigerator to give it the iconic KitKat shape and texture. The end result is your favourite KitKat with your own touch and twist to it.

The Chocolatory is a popular attraction in Shibuya where people learn and make their KitKats in groups. One can opt for any of the three types of chocolates including bitter, milk, and ruby. In addition, there are 17 different types of toppings such as dried strawberries, hazelnut, pistachio, and edible flowers to choose from, according to Japan Insider. 


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