Enjoy An Evening With Friends, Family, And Fantastic Food At Chutney, Tandoor, And Bar

Amid this hectic life, there are times when we want to forget everything and have some quality time with our friends and family. And when it comes to quality time, what better way to do it than some soulful food!? Food is something that binds your family and friends together. I am sure that you all have memories of gossiping, laughing, and chatting away the night with a delicious plate in front of you. So, if those are the times that you look forward to having, we suggest you take a trip to Hotel Metropolitan’s restaurant- Chutney (Tandoor and bar).

Nestled near the hustle and bustle of Connaught Place, Chutney restaurant in Hotel Metropolitan offers a quiet and peaceful time that you’ll enjoy after a hectic day. As soon as you enter through the gates of the Hotel, it gives you a luxurious feeling and almost feels like an escape from the routine.

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Chutney restaurant has a vibrant ambiance, with large sitting areas. At one place, you can sit with your family and enjoy a meal, and if you wish to have a drink, you can enjoy that separately at the bar. The restaurant offers a range of Indian delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Recently, we visited the restaurant and had a taste of their delights!

To begin with, the Chefs had prepared a special Indian-style Tom Yum soup that was just the right way to start a meal! The soup seemed perfect to have a rainy day or simply when you are craving something hot and tangy!

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Next, coming to the starters, the chefs had created a special platter where we got to have a little bit of everything. From soya chaap, paneer tikka to kebabs, everything was extremely delicious! From their starters menu, we highly recommend you try their santra kebab, karela Tikki, soya chaap, and seekh Kebab.


Next, coming to the main course, we had their luscious dal makhani, stuffed shahi paneer, and amazing stuffed mushrooms dipped in a spinach gravy! All these things were rich in taste and perfect to relish with naan and rice.

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Lastly, for the dessert, the Chef served a wholesome plate of a massive gulab jamun and paan kulfi. If you are a fan of gulab jamun, trust us, their one piece will make you crave more and more!


Overall, the ambiance and food of the restaurant are worth visiting. It gives you an experience of fine dining with quality time with your friends and family.

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