Echo Dot speakers, Kindle Scribe to Fire TV cube, check top 5 launches at Amazon event

Amazon has launched a bunch of new products including Echo Dot speakers, Kindle Scribe, Fire TV Omni QLED and more.

Amazon, in its fall hardware launch event, has unveiled a bunch of new tech products ranging from a new Kindle Scribe, an updated Fire TV cube, a second-generation Echo Auto device and much more. The event comes ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Check the five most exciting products unveiled at Amazon hardware event.

The fifth-gen Echo Dot speakers

Amazon introduced two new Echo Dot speakers: one that comes with a clock and another without clock. Though they resemble the previous generation, the devices have arrived with improved audio along with a temperature sensor and tap-to-gesture controls. Also, the Echo Dot with Clock has a brighter LED display with a higher resolution.

Kindle Scribe

Kindles aren’t just for reading any more! Amazon unveiled the new Kindle as an E-Ink tablet that you can use for reading as well as take notes, draw, and annotate on the large 330PPI 10.2-inch screen. It comes with a Basic Pen or Premium Pen option for the stylus.

Two Fire TV Omni QLED

After launching its first TV last year, the company has introduced a new addition to the lineup – Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED. It comes with a QLED display with 96 local dimming zones for deeper black levels as well as Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+ adaptive support for the best picture quality. The main highlight is its sensors that can auto adjust the TV’s brightness levels or can turn off the TV when you leave the room.

A pair of high-end 4K Fire TVs

Amazon also launched the two new Fire TV Omni QLED TVs that come with ambient light sensors. It can dim the display when no one’s around. It has two variants- 65-inch TV starting at $799, and the 75-inch TV priced at $1,099.99.

New Fire TV Cube for $139.99

The exciting launch is Amazon’s third generation Fire TV Cube, which is a cross between a streaming media player and an Echo speaker. It was first launched in 2019 and the newly launched Cube is 20% faster than its predecessor.

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