Diljit Dosanjh Turns Chef Again And The Dish Looks Tempting (Pics Inside)

Another day, another page from Diljit Dosanjh’s food journal. This time, it is about a soya dish. FYI: He is also the chef. The actor-singer has shared a series of videos on Instagram Stories from his time in the kitchen. Diljit first shows us a container filled with boiled soya chunks that he calls “lutry”. He then goes on to add yoghurt into it along with some red chilli powder, and turmeric powder. Diljit, then, tells us that he is quite fascinated with the colours of the ingredients. Now, it is time to sprinkle some kasoori methi on the soya chunks. Diljit wraps up the marination part by adding ginger garlic paste to it. No, the dish is not ready yet.

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Diljit Dosanjh then heats some oil in a kadhai and adds cumin seeds, along with other spices including bay leaf. We can see him putting chopped chillies, onions and tomatoes and finally, the soya chunks. Finally, Diljit Dosanjh shared a pic of the yummy dish with the GIF “hottie alert”.


If you also love savouring soya beans, there are many options to try out. Don’t worry about the recipe. Refer to these five delectable dishes whenever you want to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

1)Chilli soya nuggets

If you want to prepare something healthy and delicious in twenty minutes, save this recipe. Chilli soya nuggets tossed with soya sauce, vinegar, garlic and green chillies make for a flavourful snack. 

2) Soya 65

To make this, all you need to do is boil the soya chunks and remove the excess water from them. Now, dip the chunks in corn flour and fry them. Toss them up with certain homely spices and other ingredients. 

3) Soya kebabs

This can work as a great appetiser right before you dive into the main course. You can also prepare this at home while hosting parties or whenever guests arrive unexpectedly. 

4) Soya mince curry

 Wondering how to add soya to your main course? Well, check out this recipe. Here, minced soya (Quorn) is used to make a luscious curry packed with a whole lot of traditional spices. It’s rich in gravy and goes well with steamed rice.  

5) Fried rice with soya chunks

If you can’t have too much soya in one go, this is a nice way to include this protein-rich food item into your diet. You can make the usual fried rice and include some delicious soya chunks into it. 

So, how are you thinking of including soya recipes in your meals?

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