Dashami 2022: How To Make Poddo Luchi – The Unexplored Bread (Poori) Of Bengal

The biggest Bengali festival Durga Puja has come to an end and we are marking Dashami today (on October 5, 2022). The five-day extravaganza starts on the sixth day of Navratri (Sashthi) and ends with Dussehra (also referred to as Vijaya Dashami). Durga Puja ends with immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga and her children – Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesh. This signifies sending off the daughter to her home (here: Kailasha). The day is marked with joy and happiness, where people gather after Visarjan to greet each other and exchange sweets. This ritual is called ‘Bijoya’.

And food has a major role to play in ‘Bijoya’ gatherings. Here, people treat each other with sweet and savoury dishes. Some even organise small house parties where people sing, dance and enjoy a lavish Bengali spread together. Considering this, here we bring you an unexplored recipe from the history of Bengali food culture, which will add some goodness to the festivities.

This dish is called poddo luchi (Padma luchi) – a sweet, Bengali-style poori recipe, with a stuffing of mawa, dry fruits and more. This luchi tastes sweet and can be enjoyed as is. For the unversed, the name poddo (padma) luchi is derived from the shape of the poori – padma/poddo is lotus in Bengali. The recipe of this classic Bengali dish is shared by Chef Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel (Ananya Banerjee). Let’s take a look.

How To make Poddo Luchi (Padma Luchi)- A Classic Poori Recipe From Bengal:

Start with kneading a dough with maida, salt and ghee. Then grease some ghee from the top and cover with damp muslin cloth. Let it rest for some time.

Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing by heating ghee in a pan. Add dry fruits, cardamom powder and mix well. Add cashews and charmagaj and mix well. Switch off the flame and keep aside.

Now, divide the dough into small balls and flatten as luchis. Then add some stuffing in the middle and cover with another luchi. Press and seal the edges.

Then heat oil in a pan and fry the luchis until golden brown in colour. Dip the luchi in sugar syrup and serve.

Watch the detailed recipe video below:

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Try this unique poddo luchi and do let us know how you liked it.

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