Coffee Banana Cake Recipe: Make This Coffee-Infused Banana Cake For A Sweet Treat


We, Indians, swear by our cup of tea, wouldn’t you agree?! We start our morning with a cup of kadak chai and wrap our work day with evening tea. With the tea comes a variety of snacks to complement the flavours of this delicious and hot beverage. While some people choose to pair savoury snacks with tea, others prefer to enjoy their tea with a slice of cake! As a matter of fact, western culture is a big fan of the combination of tea and cake. Our love for this delicious combination has made us find the easy recipe for a cake that will pair excellently with your evening tea – coffee banana cake. This unique cake has the goodness of coffee infused into the delicious banana cake. You don’t need to be a baking genius to whip this cake! Just follow the easy steps given below and enjoy freshly baked cake at home.

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ragi coffee cake

Coffee cake is a delightful recipe that you can make at home.

Coffee Banana Cake Recipe: How To Make Coffee Banana Cake

You’ll need to start by preheating your oven. To bake this cake, the wet ingredients will be whipped together first and then the dry ingredients will be added.

Mix coffee with hot water and let it brew. Meanwhile, beat butter and sugar with a hand mixer till it is light and fluffy. Add the eggs and beat the eggs into the batter. Next, mix in the ripe banana and coffee water.

Sift flour, baking soda and salt in another bowl. Make sure there are no lumps in the dry ingredients. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet batter till it is combined and no air pockets are left. Pour the batter into the baking tin and let it bake. The banana coffee cake is ready!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Coffee Banana Cake.

Sounds easy, right?! Make this fluffy and soft cake at home and surprise your family with your baking skills. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked it!


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