Chef-Special: 3 Easy Tips To Remember While Boiling Eggs


Eggs happen to be one of the most loved and preferred food items in almost every household. Whether you want to opt for a protein-rich breakfast to kickstart your day or make a wholesome meal, you need to know how to deal with eggs. Some of the most common egg recipes include omelette, egg curry, egg bhurji, and egg pulav among others. Above all, in most cases, you are required to boil eggs first. However, there are times when you end up with half boiled or imperfectly boiled eggs. Much relatable? So, to help you out, Chef Pankaj Bhadouria has shared a few tips and tricks for boiling eggs perfectly, through a video on Instagram. She has shared the clip, which the caption, “Pankaj ke nuskhe.” 

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According to Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, here are the points you can follow to get perfectly boiled eggs:

Tip 1:

 The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the eggs you are boiling should not break in the container. And, if at all, an egg breaks, the yolk should not spread around making it all very difficult for you. So, make sure that the eggs don’t break. And to prevent this, do not overcrowd your pan in the first place. Just arrange the eggs in a single layer only.

Tip 2:

 Always take cold water first to boil eggs. Eventually, you can bring it to a rolling boil later after heating it on a stove.

Tip 3:

 Once you think that the eggs are boiled, turn off the heat (stove) and let the eggs simmer. For how long? Chef Pankaj mentioned that if you want them soft, keep them like that for six minutes. But if you want medium hard-boiled eggs, keep them for nine minutes. If you need hard-boiled eggs, keep them for 13-15 minutes. But make sure you add some vinegar to the boiling water. If you do this, the eggs won’t break and spread around. This process will also make your job easier while peeling.

Take a look:

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Hope this hack will come in handy. Try these tips and let us know if they worked for you.


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