Check this Google Chrome Privacy tool now for a safe browser experience


You get a safer, more secure browser experience on Google Chrome with this new privacy tool. Check the details here.

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred internet browsers because of its safe browsing and privacy features. However, it is not foolproof and therefore, it is constantly being updated. The internet browser now has brought an extra layer of protection that helps users to protect their personal data. The app has a “Privacy Guide” that will navigate you through some existing privacy and security controls in the popular browser. This will also help you setting up the app’s controls for cookies and browsing history to restrict Google from storing the data of the websites and pages that you visit. Further, it will also tell you about Google’s Safe Browsing tool, which warns if you’re about to visit a suspected fishy website.

You can switch on for a more secure browsing experience by enabling this feature. Enhanced Safe Browsing is for “users who require or want a more advanced level of security while browsing the web,” Google said in a statement. This allows users to send files flagged as suspicious to Google for further inspection and hence reduces the risk of getting caught out by malware. The Enhanced Safe Browsing mode works on top of the security measures that are already built into Chrome. For example, the browser checks sites you visit against a list of potentially dangerous URLs. It even turns on the additional security protections to recognize bad sites even if they’re not on the latest list. By default, it also checks if your email addresses and passwords are included in any data breaches leaked out on the web and sends you an alert. Here’s how to access Google Chrome’s privacy guide.

How to access Google Chrome’s privacy guide?




20 Minutes

Step 1:

Open the Google Chrome and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome interface. 

Step 2:

Head to Settings, and then Privacy and security and Privacy Guard. 

Step 3:

Click on that and your privacy guard tour will start.


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