Can Caffeine Cause Acne: Expert Reveals


Are you someone who can’t start your day without coffee? We all have to agree that coffee is like the elixir of life. From the morning cup of coffee to the brewing cup of coffee on a date, it is an essential part of our life indeed. However, all good things come with certain cons. And too much caffeine consumption can lead to a few unwanted health conditions and it can affect your skin too. Although coffee is known for boosting energy, increasing metabolism, and others, it can have an adverse effect on the skin if you end up having too many cups of coffee. 

One of the most common accusations against coffee is that it causes acne. It is not the ingredients present in coffee that can directly cause acne on your skin but what you consume and how much you consume play important role in keeping your skin in good condition. 

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Acne is a common skin problem. 

Can caffeine cause acne?

Coffee increases stress levels

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants which are one of the major components to keep your skin free from free radicals. However, caffeine has a direct impact on the cortisol hormone which is a stress-inducing hormone. So, when you consume too much coffee, it has a severe impact on your stress levels. 

An excessive amount of cortisol in your body results in excess sebum production on your skin. The sebum and oil clog the pores and form acne. Since coffee increases stress levels, and in turn adds to the oil production on the skin, it causes acne. 

Coffee interrupts sleep

Apart from that, coffee is famously associated with being that much-needed energy drink when you have a long day of work. But coffee disrupts the sleep cycle and your body ends up being sleep deprived. Lack of sleep also leads to more stress in your body which results in acne on the skin. Our bodies require an adequate amount of sleep to repair and restore and boost cell production. So, when our bodies do not get the right opportunities to heal the skin during sleep, it causes disturbance in the skin. 

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Coffee with milk can be triggering acne

Unless you are having a decaf, the dairy present in your coffee can certainly play up with your skin condition. Milk contains lactic acid which has a direct effect on the skin and can cause acne. Moreover, milk has insulin content present in it which adds to sebum production on the skin. Chances of getting acne to become higher when there is excess sebum and clogged pores. 

Is your coffee too sweet? 

If you are someone who loves to add a lot of sugar to your coffee, you might want to control that craving. Sugar is responsible for releasing insulin into our bodies. When there is a hike in insulin in our bodies, it leads to sebum production which clogs pores and eventually causes acne. So, skipping sugar in your coffee can prove to be good for your skin. 

So, coffee lovers now you know that your coffee can cause acne. Keep your caffeine consumption at moderate levels and you can have the best of both worlds- coffee and clear skin.

About the author: Arthi Raguram is a skin and hair care expert, and founder of Deyga Organics


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