Cake That Looks Like Dishwashing Sponge Goes Viral; Internet Feels Disgusted


Today, hyper-realistic cake is the buzzword in the world of gastronomy. If you explore, you will find bakers making different types of 3D cakes that look like human face, fruit, computer, lipstick and more. The experimentations do not end here. You will also find cakes with various bizarre concepts, leaving people in shock. We recently came across one such hyper-realistic cake that looks like dishwashing sponge. You heard us. The cake, which looks like a sponge, also has edible foam (that looks like soap) on it. A short-clip of the cake was shared by an Indonesian content creator named Andre Sarwono.

In the video, we could see Andre cutting the cake, looking exactly like the dishwashing sponge. He wrote (in Indonesian) alongside, “THIS EDIBLE WASHING SPONGE…Well, this is one of the cakes that is in the shape of a dish sponge. It is delicious and tempting. If you don’t know you might mistake it to be the real washing sponge. Honestly, I was amazed with the modern cakes that taste good and look cool too.”

Find the post below:

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The video of this unique (read: bizarre) cake went viral on social media, garnering millions of views, 85.1k likes and hundreds of comments.

There were several people who also felt disgusted with the cake. “This feels gross. Who decided this genre of disturbing cakes?! It literally makes me mad,” read a comment. Another person wrote, “They took sponge cake a little too seriously.”

“Immediately no,” reads the third comment. A person further stated, “I would never eat this.”

If given a choice, would you want to try this dishwashing sponge cake? Do let us know in the comments below.

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