Brazil Fisherman, Who Survived 11 Days In Freezer After His Ship Sank, Rescued: Report

The freezer handled pounding seas amid the heavy tides during the entire trip.

A fisherman from Brazil was rescued by sailors after spending 11 days in a freezer in middle of the Atlantic Ocean when his boat sank during the journey, said a report from The Rio Times.

The 44-year-old entered the freezer that was on the boat in an effort to survive and he spent 11 days without food or much water.

The rescue was carried out by sailors from another boat who found the freezer floating in the sea near Suriname. According to the outlet, Mr Rodrigues was held in custody in Suriname’s capital city of Paramaribo for 16 days because he was not having his official documents, according to Nation World News.

It quoted Mr Rodrigues as saying that initially he was treated as an illegal immigrant lacking official documents but later, he was booked a flight ticket to return to Brazil that took him to Belem.

In an interview with Brazilian media, Mr Rodrigues claimed that he decided to put himself in the freezer after noticing that his boat was about to sink.

On August 11, he was rescued 450 kilometres (280 miles) from the location where his boat sank. He was dehydrated and collapsing down the floor of a Surinamese fishing boat, according to Nation World News.

After being rescued in a situation of being completely dehydrated, confused, wearing torn clothes and having sunstrokes, Mr Rodrigues asked the sailors for water first.

It is hard to comprehend how the freezer handled pounding seas amid the heavy tides during the entire trip, the outlet further said quoting local authorities.

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