Beware of ‘RatMilad’ malware! It can secretly record your phone calls

The ‘RatMilad’ malware has recently been operationalised by hackers. It can be used for cyber espionage and extortion.

A new malware has reportedly been operationalised by hackers and it is spying on victims’ conversation, stealing data and accessing private corporate systems. Dubbed as RatMilad malware, it is attacking phones in the Middle East, and being used to spy on target users and steal data. As reported by BleepingComputer, the spyware was first discovered by the mobile security firm Zimperium. They said that this new spyware RatMilad acts as a Remote Access Trojan that can steal a wide variety of data and spies on victims’ conversations. The firm reported that the malware is being used for cyber espionage, extortion, to eavesdrop on victim’s conversations or even record phone calls.

“Similar to other mobile spyware we have seen, the data stolen from these devices could be used to access private corporate systems, blackmail a victim, and more,” reported the firm. It further says that the spyware could produce notes on the victim, download any stolen materials, and gather intelligence for other criminal practices.

The most dangerous part of this spyware is it is distributed through a fake phone spoofing app called “NumRent.” When installed, the app requests permissions and then uses them to sideload the malicious RatMilad spyware. Moreover, cybercriminals have even created a website to promote the app via Telegram and other social media platforms to trick users into downloading and installing it. Once installed on a victim’s Android smartphone, RatMilad hides behind a VPN and collects data on the device itself as well as its user’s contacts, call logs, text messages, GPS location data and more.

According to a blog post from Zimperium, the RatMilad malware has been viewed more than 4,700 times with more than 200 external shares.

It can even delete and steal files, modify app permissions and even use an infected device’s microphone to record audio and eavesdrop on victims’ conversation. To avoid falling victim to such spyware and malware carefully scrutinise reviews and app ratings before installing any new app even if you’re getting the apps from the official play store.

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