Awesome! Got iPhone 14, 13 or 12? This iOS 16 feature will get you ready quickly

iOS 16 has brought an amazing feature. If you have an iPhone 14, 13, 12 or any iOS 16 compatible iPhone, just do this.

Do you get confused about what to wear on a daily basis? Many of us face this struggle almost every day and keep staring at our wardrobe for a lengthy period of time. Yes, it is a waste of time and also frustrating. But, if you own an iPhone, your problem might have an easy solution. With the latest iOS 16 update, Apple has introduced a new feature that will help you choose your outfit with ease. With this new feature, users can copy the subject of a photo and paste it into the notes app to create a wardrobe archive and easily reference them in future. Fashion lovers are talking about it as it allows them to keep a track of their wardrobe.

TikToker shows how to do it

This new feature has been revealed by TikTok user @macaulay_flower, as reported by NY Post. He said, “It allows you to select and copy the subject of a photo and honestly, this is great for me because I take a picture of pretty much every outfit I wear.” In the video, Macaulay also shows how this new feature made it easier to scroll through the outfits. Another TikTok user, @natgawd, shared that this feature helps her to categorize her outfits into different occasions and styles. Sharing the clip, she said she organized her outfit ideas “like a Polly Pocket.”

Apart from this, Apple iOS 16 has rolled out a bunch of new features and updates including some significant changes to iMessages, always-on display, battery status bar and others. Users can even unsend and edit text messages that have already been sent. But it comes with certain caveats as users can unsend a message within two minutes of hitting send, while editing will be allowed for 15 minutes.

Additionally, Apple has also brought haptic feedback to its own stock keyboard with the iOS 16. This means you will feel subtle taps or vibrations under the display whenever you type. To turn it on just go to Settings > Sound and Haptics > then choose ‘Keyboard feedback’ and enable it.

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