Apple WatchOS 9 vows thrilling ride; give your Apple Watch a magical boost

Apple WatchOS 9 is available to the public now. You can update your Apple Watch now and access all the exciting new features.

Apple rolled out the WatchOS 9 to the public on September 12 along with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. The new update has brought several exciting and important features including security enhancements as well as new Medication tracker, new watch faces, and even more Fitness options. Additionally, it will also fix the existing bugs in your device. Hence, if you haven’t updated your Apple Watch yet, you must do it ASAP. You can do it either by using an iPhone or directly. Here we have summarised the step-by-step guide to do it.

How to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS9?

Before you start to update your Apple Watch, you must take care of certain things like it should be charged at least 50%, placed on a charger, and must be within range of the iPhone to install the update.

How to update Apple Watch directly without using iPhone

Step 1. Open Settings on your Watch.

Step 2. Now, scroll Down and click on General and then head to Software Update. Once you tap on it, your device will check for the available update.

Step 3. If an Update is available, tap Install and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update process.

Step 4. Once the update starts, a Progress Wheel will be displayed on the screen of your Apple watch. After the update is finished, your Apple watch will auto restart.

How to update your Apple Watch using iPhone

Step 1. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and head to the My Watch tab.

Step 2. Tap General and then click on Software Update. You will be prompted to unlock your Watch if it’s locked.

Step 3. Next tap on Download and Install and enter your iPhone Password if you are asked.

Step 4. Your iPhone will download the update to your watch followed by the Installation. You will see the download status on the screen of your Apple Watch.

Step 5. Just wait for the update to finish, once done, your watch will auto restart. And you’re all set to access the new features

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