Anupam Kher’s Latest Feast Is All About Desserts And We Are Drooling (Pics Inside)


Anupam Kher is one evergreen actor who has made his mark not only in Bollywood but in Hollywood too! The 67-year-old actor runs a busy schedule and is always on the move. With over 5.2 million followers on Instagram, Anupam Kher never forgets to bring his fans and followers along on his adventures! That’s how we have learnt that Anupam Kher is a big foodie. Yes, you read it right! The veteran actor loves to indulge in different kinds of cuisine and is always spotted enjoying some delicacy or the other. We recently caught a glimpse of one of his foodie moments and we were drooling over all the decadent desserts he was having.

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Take a look:


Anupam Kher was spotted enjoying a buffet of desserts and living almost every sweet tooth’s dream. In his Instagram story, Anupam Kher was behind the camera showing us all the desserts that were part of the lavish buffet. We saw hazelnut gateaux, black forest gateaux, mud pudding, badam halwa, walnut brownies and more. For the unversed, gateaux is the French word for cake. Anupam Kher seemed to be enjoying an assortment of Indian and Western desserts. While shooting the short dessert video, said “dekho aur barbad ho jao” (look and be ruined). Just looking at the lavish spread made us crave some dessert! If you are craving the same, then why not prepare some dessert at home?! Follow these easy recipes:

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We always find Anupam Kher eating some kind of delicious regional delicacy! When he was in Agra, he decided to indulge in “Agra ka nashta” and ate bedai kachori, aloo ki sabzi and jalebi. That’s not all, Anupam Kher is a Kashmiri and he is a big fan of authentic Kashmiri food. Many times, we have caught him indulging in Kashmiri delicacies like dum aloo, rogan josh and more. But what he enjoys the most his homecooked Kashmiri food, prepared by his family members!

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