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Education is the first step in acquiring the knowledge, critical thinking skills, empowerment, and abilities that we need to live better and happier lives. But, more than just knowledge of facts, we need high-quality education to promote social mobility, decrease inequality within a society, and thereby enhance economic development. The importance of high-quality education became clear when Father-of-the-nation Mahatma Gandhi said, “What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education.”

 High-quality education can be achieved only through the hard efforts of an educational reformer who helps to uplift the country’s education system. Meet one such person, Mrs. Tarla Lall, whose well-known training, coaching, and counseling center, Aasha Nu Zarnu, recently received an award as the Institute of Most Impactful Learning Methods. She is known for her impactful training modules and motivational talks. She champions the behavioural, cognitive, and emotional intelligence science to help people and organizations excel. She inspires and encourages her clients to bring a change in their thought process.

You can receive the kind of high-quality education that we have talked about above, only at an institute like Aasha Nu Zarnu, which is located in Mira Road, Mumbai. The institute renders the best ‘Training, Coaching, and Counseling services’ for transformational changes in individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. It believes that coaching may help people to find more self-awareness, explore other views, attain clarity of vision, gain accountability, and make progress toward their goals.

As the world suffered from health and mental issues during pandemic, that time also Aasha Nu Zarnu didn’t stop but move forward to offer high-impactful training programs. These programs, which included “Work and Life Balance,” “Confusion to Clarity,” and “Resistant to Resilient,” assisted many people in setting up their home office while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These programs also benefited to people to recover their emotional and physical health and to raise their morale and productivity level.

Aasha Nu Zarnu helps people to evolve as a better person and it is The Most Talked Institute for ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Language Training’ in the region owing to an excellent infrastructure to support learning and teaching and high qualified faculty group. Training programs are available in both virtual and face-to-face mode. The institute’s courses are designed to enhance students’ confidence and feeling of purpose. They are well-structured, with a good balance between studying theory and applying it in reality.

Aasha Nu Zarnu is a leading institute of Language Classes for English as well as French, IELTS Tutorials, Public Speaking, and Personality Development for students, professional, working people and housewives also. As an institute with the most impactful learning methods, provides several essential benefits including:

  • The courses are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to experts.
  • The classes are engaging, participatory, and tailored to your specific needs.
  • You will be able to grasp, comprehend, listen, and communicate effectively after completing its language course.

The institute was founded in 2008 by Mrs. Tarla Lall, a Social Reformer who has brought about revolutionary changes in the minds of many people through her motivational training programs. It was her interest in training that brought Mrs. Tarla Lall into the training profession in 2003. Her self-disciplined, single-minded business focus and willingness to endure great hardship for the sake of others have elevated her to the rank of ‘A Role Model’ for thousands. The award that she has received for Aasha Nu Zarnu is just another feather in the cap for Mrs. Tarla Lall, who has won several awards earlier too.

Mrs. Tarla Lall believes that Aasha Nu Zarnu’s core team has been instrumental in the institute’s success, and together they have achieved significant milestones. Mrs. Tarla Lall, her son Akash Lall, and her daughter Ms. Zarna Lall comprises the core team of Aasha Nu Zarnu. Mr. Akash Lall and Ms. Zarna Lall have both significantly helped Mrs. Tarla Lall to bring Aasha Nu Zarnu to the next level that it has reached today.

Mr. Akash Lall is an excellent orator and facilitator with exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities. He can connect very easily with the audience and is skilled in delivering training on themes such as communication skills, time management, stress management, leadership, and mindpower.

He has a supernatural ability to connect with the audience. He has a unique style, with his passion, energy, charisma sense of humour and especially original content, this combination makes him different from a few other motivational speakers and has received accolades in his professional career. He is a brilliant speaker who inspires the audience to learn how to be happy and successful in both personal and professional life. His training programs are very inspirational and innovative. He is a problem solver who communicates business ideas in a captivating and professional manner.

Akash Lall has become a popular name, among ‘young motivational trainers.’ He has received recognition during his 9-years journey in the training sector that he deserved. He enjoys working with start-ups and growing businesses among others.

Ms. Zarna Lall is never afraid to experiment with new concepts and is a beautiful combination of skills and enthusiasm, as well as a wonderful example of creativity and hard work. she motivates female professionals to make a mark in the male dominated business community and energizes young leaders to become top achievers.

Her primary areas of expertise are management, leadership, branding, and marketing, as well as innovation and its implications for business. She believes that education is the catalyst for a brighter future for all people. She is an example of intellect and hard work blended together. It’s important for women that they should take their stand & move forward. High confidence makes all the difference. She has become an inspiration for countless women, during her amazing 7-year journey with Aasha Nu Zarnu.

Aasha Nu Zarnu was recognized as the Institute of Most Impactful Learning Methods as part of the National Education Excellence Awards 2022. The award was offered on 22nd May 2022 during a sparkling event held at Sophia College, Mumbai. It was powered by the Ministry of MSME & Corporate Affairs and co-powered by Times Applaud, a top press release and public relations organization. We wish more success to Aasha Nu Zarnu and all the best to Mrs. Tarla Lall for her future endeavors. Website – www.aashanuzarnu.com


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