A big Windows 11 update leak just happened; Huge name change in the works


In what looks like an inadvertent leak by Microsoft itself, it is being suggested the company is actually changing the naming strategy of its upcoming Windows updates. Here’s what you can expect from the next Windows update.

Microsoft is all set to release the next major Windows 11 update with plenty of new features and user improvements. Most importantly, the company is bringing back the trusted Windows Media Player. However, Windows has now changed its naming strategy, according to Tech Radar.

The update, instead of usual names like Windows 22H2 update or Windows Creators update, will be simply called “Windows 11 2022 Update”. The change was spotted by a Twitter user named XenoPanter who noticed the updated name in the Windows Get Started page.

However, this does not divert attention from the series of issues that have plagued Windows 11 since launch. These bugs have become a deal-breaker for some as the rate of adoption of Windows 11 is not as rapid as Microsoft would have expected. There have been security issues with Windows 11 as well as problems with the basic functions such as the Start Menu.

As of now, Microsoft plans to launch the Windows 12 update in 2024. However, the company might have to rethink its decision considering the majority of the people are still using Windows 10 and not Windows 11. Some are even on older operating systems. Therefore, Microsoft might have to sort out the Windows 11 first before deciding to launch the next version of its OS.

According to Tech Radar, Windows has moved on from yearly security updates. Microsoft has even scrapped next year’s big “Sun Valley 3” update in favour of smaller updates. Microsoft has made the decision to call these little updates “Moments.”

Microsoft tests new features via the Windows Insider Program. People who opt-in for the Windows Insider Program can use and test these features for any bugs, glitches or performance issues. Only then they can be released to the public via an update.


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