Trinamool’s Mahua Moitra Keeps ‘Kartavya’ Jibes Coming: New Target Is…

Mahua Moitra is among the most trenchant critics of the Modi government and the BJP.

New Delhi:

Trinamool leader Mahua Moitra scored a hat-trick of swipes, referencing the renaming of Delhi’s Rajpath to Kartavya Path, as she assailed the Bengal BJP chief Sukanta Majumdar, with a series of puns designed around replacing the word “Raj” with “Kartavya” on Saturday.

Rajdhani Express became Kartavyadhani Express, Raj Kachoris became Kartavya kachoris and Raj Bhog became Kartavya bhog in the taunts.

The tweet was the latest in a line of such posts mocking the renaming of Delhi’s ceremonial boulevard Rajpath, which connects the presidential palace Rashtrapati Bhawan on the Raisina Hill through Vijay Chowk and India Gate, National War Memorial to National Stadium, announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi two days ago.

Mahua Moitra is one of the most trenchant critics of the Modi government and the BJP, launching vociferous attacks in parliament, social media or TV debates on a near-daily basis.

The Rajpath (King’s Way), which also hosts some of the most important government ministries, was renamed to Kartavya Path (Path of Duty) in an effort to shed India’s colonial baggage, PM Modi and the BJP have said.

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