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Looking For A Perfect Weekend Dish? Here’s Mutton Madras Curry To Amp Up Your Meal

The weekend is here and so is the time to go on a bingeing spree. During this time, we devour yummy dishes to our heart's content, without any diet thoughts in mind. Besides, we love experimenting in our kitchens as well. We love preparing elaborate brunch meals, indulging dinners and sinful snacks during the weekends. And if you are a non-vegetarian, meat is a must on the menu. Agreed? Here, we bring you a special mutton recipe that is easy, delicious and tug at heartstrings. It's the mutton madras curry. From the very name, one can easily understand that this dish finds its origin in a Tamil kitchen. Let's find out more about the dish. Also read: Military Mutton, Laal Maas And More: 5 Spicy, Delicious Mutton Curries To Help You Survive The Cold WaveWhat Defines A Madras Curry? The wor...