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NASA’s Geotail satellite dies! Tracked solar winds, magnetic storms, auroras for 30 years

After a long journey of 30 years, NASA’s Geotail satellite's Mission has ended. Here’s why. Back on July 24, 1992, NASA had launched the Geotail Satellite Mission to gather a dataset on the structure and dynamics of the magnetosphere, Earth's protective magnetic bubble. However, it is interesting to note that the satellite was originally planned for a four-year run, but thanks to its high-quality data return, the mission was extended several times in the past. It even contributed to over thousands of scientific publications. Now, after 30 years of service to humanity in orbit, the mission operations for the joint NASA-JAXA Geotail satellite have ended, NASA confirmed in a press release. The mission ended after the failure of the satellite's remaining data recorder.“Geotail has been a...