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How To Make Shahi Matar Makhana Curry – Step By Step Recipe Inside

Right from ghee-laden desserts to piping hot kachoris, we are busy gulping down delicious food items during this time of the year. Right? Some of us even end up gaining some extra kilos in winter. And honestly, sometimes, we don't mind it. Indian cuisine has a variety of flavourful curries to offer. But have you ever tried shahi makhana matar ki sabzi? Yes, as the name suggests, this heavenly curry carries the goodness of green peas, makhana and the richness of cashews. Of course, the traditional masalas add to the taste and overall flavourĀ of the recipe. For the unversed, green peas are loaded with vitamins C, E and zinc and other antioxidants, and makhanas, on the other hand, have a lot of calcium content. So, this delicacy is also extremely healthy. A YouTuber and food blogger who ru...