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Watch: US Blogger Makes Litti Chokha In Bihar, Foodies Are Impressed

Litti chokha represents rich Bihari cuisine. It is a wholesome and flavoursome dish that has garnered significant popularity for its distinct taste and unique preparation. From the streets of Bihar, this dish has made it to the menus of popular restaurants and eateries in India as well as abroad. A plate of ghee-soaked littis served with lip-smacking chokha and green chillies is the absolute way to satiate your cravings. When litti chokha is on the dinner table, you are likely to feast just on them and forget every other food offered.With its amazing flavours, litti chokha has captivated not only Indians but even international celebrity chefs. Recently, American celebrity chef Eitan Bernath visited a ‘Didi Ki Rasoi' in Patna, Bihar, where he cooked and relished some litti chokha and lea...