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Awadhi Chicken, Navratan Korma And More: 5 Delicious Awadhi Curries You Must Try

India is a land of rich heritage, diverse cultures and a host of regional cuisines. From the ingredients, style of cooking to even how a particular dish is served, can be vastly different in different regions of the country. The best part is that each region has a distinct cuisine and a variety of flavourful dishes to offer. One such cuisine that doesn't get enough credit is Awadhi cuisine. This cuisine holds strong roots in Lucknow and uses dum-style cooking. It also has rich influences of Punjabi, Mughlai and Kashmiri cuisine. In this article, we have curated a list of 5 delicious Awadhi curries that are perfect to try over the weekend. Take a look.Also read: Awadhi Biryani: Get Your Slice Of Royalty With This Stellar Biryani RecipeHere're 5 Awadhi Curry Recipes To Try At Home:1. Awad...