Make This Delicious Street-Style Pav Bhaji Sandwich In Under 20 Mins

Some cravings can only be satisfied by street food. There is something about street-style dishes that make us forget the daily grind and just savour what is in front of us. Street food often tends to be rather ‘extra’ – after all, it is about indulging your foodie side without holding back. If you’re looking for one such indulgence you can quickly make at home, we recommend a pav bhaji sandwich. This yummy grilled sandwich can be prepared with minimum effort and requires everyday ingredients only. Find out more below.

What is Pav Bhaji Sandwich?

This grilled sandwich has veggie and cheese layers. Photo Credit: Pixabay

This sandwich is made by layering a spiced veggie stuffing flavoured with pav bhaji masala in between bread slices. As you may know, pav bhaji itself is a popular street food in Mumbai and surrounding regions. It consists of a special mashed vegetable preparation served with buttered pav. Today, pav bhaji is not limited to the streets but is served in all manner of food establishments, including fine-dining restaurants. You can use leftover pav bhaji to make the filling for this grilled sandwich or prepare the stuffing from scratch. Either way, you are sure to enjoy the wonderful taste and texture of this snack. A few ingredients are added to give it that street food vibe, including sev.
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Pav Bhaji Sandwich Versus Masala Pav


Masala Pav is a beloved street food snack. Photo Credit: iStock

Masala Pav is another famous street-style dish often made using leftover pav bhaji. The bhaji is spread in between buttered pavs, topped with a few veggies and toasted on a tawa until golden brown. As for the pav bhaji sandwich, it has a similar stuffing but uses sliced bread instead. It is grilled rather than roasted. We have also added a layer of cheese to make this sandwich extra indulgent. The cheese complements the potatoes and tomatoes quite well too.
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How To Make Street-Style Pav Bhaji Sandwich At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Grilled Pav Bhaji Sandwich


Boil, cool and grate potatoes. Keep aside. In a kadhai, heat butter and add ginger-garlic paste, green chillies and onions. Saute and then add capsicum, grated tomatoes, chilli powder and pav bhaji masala. Saute again. Add grated potatoes, chopped coriander leaves and salt to taste. Combine all the ingredients well and then turn off the stove.

Allow this filling to cool. Later, spread some of the pav bhaji stuffing on one side of a buttered bread slice. Add grated cheese and chaat masala on top. Cover with another slice and grill until crisp. Top with extra butter and sev. Serve immediately. Pair with spicy chutney or sauce.

Click here for the full recipe for Pav Bhaji Sandwich

Try making this grilled sandwich soon and let us know how you like it!
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