World Physiotherapy Day 2022: Significance & Who Can Benefit From Physiotherapy

World Physiotherapy Day 2022: Physiotherapy might help in increasing body’s flexibility


The date of September 8 was chosen as World PT Day in 1996. World Physiotherapy was established on this day in 1951. The day honours the world’s physiotherapy community’s togetherness and unity.

It’s a chance to acknowledge what physiotherapists do for patients and the community. World Physiotherapy wants to assist its member organisations in advancing their knowledge and promoting the profession by using World PT Day as a focal point.

The profile and reputation of the profession among the general public and policymakers have been shown to improve as a result of World PT Day activities, according to reports from around the world. Numerous member organisations of World Physiotherapy already have their own national physiotherapy days, weeks, and months.

How does Physiotherapy work?

The science-based field of physiotherapy adopts a “whole person” perspective on health and wellness, which takes into account the patient’s general lifestyle. The patient’s participation in their own care through education, knowledge, empowerment, and therapy is at the centre of it all.

Physiotherapy has advantages for everyone at all stages of life. Physiotherapy aids in the treatment of back pain, and acute injuries, managing chronic illnesses like asthma and preparing for childbirth or athletic competition.

Physiotherapists provide movement and exercise, physical treatment, training, and counselling to those who have been injured, ill, or disabled. They support patients in managing pain and preventing disease, preserving health for people of all ages.

In what cases would someone need Physiotherapy?

There are certain conditions under which people might benefit from physiotherapy. Here are situations under which physiotherapy has been considered helpful:

1. Low flexibility

You may want to think about physiotherapy if you feel constrained in your movement or less flexible than you once were. Simple tasks could be challenging for you, and you might not be able to exercise. Physiotherapy can help your body regain movement and increase your flexibility. Your muscles can be strengthened through regular stretching and exercise, which will also gradually improve your flexibility.

2. Recurring pain

You should seek assistance if you experience persistent pain in any part of your musculoskeletal system, including muscles, bones, ligaments, or tissues. Long-lasting pain like this can make you stiff and make moving about difficult. Everybody experiences discomfort occasionally, whether it’s in their neck, lower back, or another place. However, if this discomfort does not go away or continues returning, it may be a sign of a more serious problem. This can indicate that you require physiotherapy.

3. You’ve gone through surgery recently

Rehabilitation following surgery may be required for a variety of procedures, including cardiac, thoracic, orthopaedic, and neurological surgeries. These types of procedures can lead to repercussions that can be remedied by physiotherapy. As part of rehabilitation, once the patient is discharged from the hospital, the doctor could suggest physiotherapy.

4. Injuries

Physiotherapy is necessary if you have any type of tissue injury, such as a sprain, fracture, strain, or any type of injury. Physiotherapy is crucial for sportsmen and anyone who frequently engage in sports-related activities. Athletes frequently require physiotherapy since they frequently suffer injuries.

World PT Day helps bring focus to the many benefits of physiotherapy. Besides these benefits, there are ample conditions under which physiotherapy might be extremely helpful. Try physiotherapy to improve injuries, posture and overall health.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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