WhatsApp to soon allow users to send messages to themselves!

Currently, WhatsApp users can text themselves by using the URL wa.me/91 followed by their mobile number.

Meta Platforms-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps introducing new features to improve the users’ experience. And now, the app is reportedly working on a new feature that will let users send messages to themselves without the need of another device. Currently, users can send messages to themselves by using the URL wa.me/91 followed by their mobile number. But, this is not applicable on multi-device as the chat with your own phone number only appears on the primary device. However, now the app is developing a solution that will let users send messages to themselves by searching and tapping on personal chat in the contact list, reported WaBetaInfo. The new feature will be released in a future update of WhatsApp Desktop beta.

The report reads, “This chat will also show up when you try to log into WhatsApp from another different mobile device when the feature is released to people at a later date.” WaBetaInfo has also shared a screengrab of the upcoming feature that shows ‘You’ at the top of the contact list. The screenshot is taken from WhatsApp Desktop beta, but the feature is expected to roll out to WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS. Do note that the feature is under development and will be released in a future update.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is rolling out admin delete and status updates within the chat list to more beta testers. This will let users view the status updates right within the chat list. “Even this feature was previously limited to some lucky beta testers after installing the WhatsApp beta for Android update, but the rollout is wider now,” says the WhatsApp development tracker.

That’s not all, WhatsApp is also planning to bring iMessage-like profile photos within group chats. Once the feature will be released to beta testers, profile photos of other group participants will show up next to all incoming messages within the group chat.

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