Weekend Special: This Punjabi Mutton Curry Is The Perfect Recipe To Have This Weekend

When we say Punjab, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps the Golden Temple or maybe the Punjabi film and music industry; however, if you are a foodie like us, then Punjabi food would be your first thought! Punjabi food is known to be packed with an explosion of flavours. Whether you are having that yummy chur-chur naan or a plate of Amritsari fish tikka; each dish from Punjab is an experience in itself. However, if you want something more than just the basic Punjabi recipes, how about exploring more food from the region?! For the same, here we bring you a recipe for Punjabi mutton curry.

Mutton is one of those meats that non-vegetarians enjoy having. A lot of people love its succulent taste and texture. Indian recipes are full of mutton dishes. You can cook this as a snack, have it in gravies, and even in the form of keema and kebabs. So, to add one more mutton dish to your list, this Punjabi-style mutton curry is a must-try! This Punjabi mutton curry is a delectable blend of whole spices, fried onions, and tomato puree that is slowly simmered in the gravy. Since it is slowly cooked for an hour, the flavours of the gravy are well combined with the mutton, giving you a taste like none other! So, without waiting, let us check out the recipe for this dish!

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Punjabi Mutton Curry Recipe: Here’s How To Make Punjabi Mutton Curry

Slices onions and add them to a pan with some oil. Cook until they are golden brown. Add the boti and mutton curry, then the ginger and garlic paste, and simmer for 10 minutes. Add little water along with tomato puree, red chilli powder, dhania powder, garam masala, and jeera powder. Give it five minutes to simmer. Cook over low heat until finished, then taste and add fresh coriander to finish. Add boiled or fried eggs as a garnish, and enjoy!

For the full recipe for this mutton curry, click here.

Try out this delightful fiery recipe and let us know how you found its taste!

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