Watch: Woman Crossing Railway Track Saved In Nick Of Time By Alert Staffer

Picture shows woman saved by railway personnel at the station.

A woman crossing a railway track at Shikohabad station in Uttar Pradesh was saved by an alert railway staffer. The video of the incident, captured by CCTV installed at the station, has been posted on Twitter by several users. The woman was using the tracks to go from one platform to another, according to the description of the video. The hair-raising footage has shocked the users on the micro-blogging website.

The footage shows the woman, wearing yellow-coloured salwar kameez, trying to get on a platform from the railway tracks while the train is about to enter the station.

A railway staffer, identified as Ram Swaroop Meena on Twitter, comes running after spotting the woman. He pulled her up, just in the nick of time as the train crosses the platform right behind them in high speed. However, the woman again went close to the passing train “to pick up her bottle”, according to the voice of other railway staffers as heard in the footage. Fortunately, she was unhurt.

Twitter users were shocked to see the footage. “The cost of a bottle can’t be more than human life,” one user said on Twitter. “Legal action should be taken against such people. They shouldn’t be spared,” said another.

Other users shared the speechless emoji.

Recently, a passenger had a miraculous escape after he came under a train at Bharthana railway station in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah district.

The man fell into the gap between the platform and the tracks before a train completely passed over him, leaving him unharmed.

The man reportedly attempted to board the speeding train but instead fell to the tracks. The man, with a lean physique, was able to squeeze himself between the train and the platform wall, allowing the train to pass over him.

A large crowd gathered on the platform and recorded the entire incident on camera. After the train passed over him, the man got up, gathered his belongings from the tracks and gestured to the crowd with folded hands.


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