Watch: How The Colour Of Your Baking Pan Can Affect What You Bake

Ever since the pandemic, a pastime that has gained popularity is baking. People found a strange comfort in the baking process which was indeed one of the simplest ways of cooking. All you need to do is to put together ingredients, mix them or fold them up and pop them in the oven to yield surprisingly delicious results. Even though the process of baking is quite beginner-friendly and simple, there are several factors that may affect how the final product turns out. This includes the mixing technique, baking temperature, the time for which it’s baked, and whether it is allowed to cool after baking among other factors. But did you know that even the kind of baking pan you use can affect your baking? Believe it or not, a blogger illustrated the exact difference between using a dark-coloured baking tray versus a light-coloured one. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels by @benjaminthebaker, where it raked in 193k views and 15.8k likes. “The type of baking pan you use makes a difference in the final result of the dessert,” he explained in the caption. He illustrated the difference with three kinds of desserts – cookies, cakes and brownies. For cookies, Benjamin explained that the cookies baked on the darker tray or pan would have a crisper, browner edge while the light ones would come out softer. Meanwhile, for cakes, you will end up with a shorter cake with a more rounded and browned edge in the case of the darker pan. Similarly, for brownies too, the edges and corners will be slightly on the harder side when baked in a dark tray vis-a-vis those in a lighter-colored tray.

Instagram users and bakers were quite intrigued by this insight by Benjamin. Many of them expressed their gratitude to him for sharing his knowledge through his informative videos. “So dark pans for cookies and light ones for brownies (for my personal taste). Will remember this! Thanks, man you’re a genius,” wrote one user. “I thought the differences pretty much just came from the material (glass vs metal, for example) but now it’s also the kind of metal finish?? So good to know,” said another user.

This is not the only interesting baking insight shared by the blogger. Recently, he shared a couple of tips on how to figure out whether your cake is baked or not using a toothpick. According to him, if the toothpick came out clean – the cake was too dry. A few crumbs on the toothpick would mean that it was soft and moist. Take a look at the full video here:

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