Viral Video: Heavy Dosa With Lots Of Butter And Cheese Has Divided The Internet

There’s something about street food that’s so irresistible. Whether it’s because of the ingredients used or simply eating something cooked fresh, street food has a permanent place in our hearts. Street-style dosa too is undoubtedly a crisp and delightful treat that has a fan following of its own. Be it the crispy masala dosa or the wonderful Rava masala – there are so many dosa dishes to choose from. But recently, one dosa that surfaced online has divided the internet. The heavy dosa was made with oodles of butter and cheese. Wondering what exactly this dosa was all about? Take a look:

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The video was shared by user u/hashfail_ in the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood. It has gone viral, receiving over 10.9k upvotes and 1.5k comments. The video was originally from a popular YouTuber called ‘The Food Ranger’ who is known to capture street foods from across the world. “What’s with the obsession to a stick of butter? One diabetic coma please,” wrote the user in the caption of the post.

In the clip, we saw the making of a gigantic dosa at Ayyer Ji Dosa Wale at Geeta Colony, Delhi. First, the video began by spreading the dosa batter on the Tawa. Then, copious amounts of butter were torched and added to the dosa. The dosa vendor began the preparation of the masala gravy with onions, capsicum, tomato, paneer cubes, lots of cheese, fresh cream, schezwan sauce, tandoori and mint mayonnaise. These ingredients were mashed together and then torched yet again and then added to a separate vessel. Then, the dosa was removed from the Tawa and placed in a conical shape on top of the gravy and further topped with more butter, heavy cream, and grated cheese.

The dosa garnered hundreds of surprised reactions from foodies. Many of them were astonished at the quantity of cheese and butter used in the cooking of the dosa. “So this is basically eating fat, dressed with liquid fat, with a delicious side dish of solid fat with more fat on top of it,” wrote one user. Some others confessed they wouldn’t mind trying the butter cheese dosa.¬†Another one narrated how this dish was vegan but still extremely calorie heavy. “Had a friend who “went vegan” to help with weight loss. Her first purchase, you ask? Vegan brownie mix,” he wrote in the comment.

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

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