Viral Video: Elderly Woman Sells Chocolates On Mumbai Local Train, Inspires The Internet

Life is challenging for many of us. There are days when we’re not at our best and find it difficult to do the bare minimum. In these times of struggle, what keeps us going are inspiring stories that we come across on the internet. Whether it’s a specially-abled person working hard to make a living or a young boy delivering food after his father’s accident – such stories make us count our blessings and realise how trivial our problems are. Recently, in a video that has gone viral on the internet, an elderly woman can be seen selling chocolates on the Mumbai local train. It has left us truly inspired and many people have applauded her spirit and hard work.  

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The video was shared by Instagram user @mona13khan. In the clip, we can see an elderly woman approaching passengers on the local train with a box of chocolates and other food items. She has a bright smile on her face while doing so. “Vo maang nahi rahe, mehnat kar rahe hai. Ho sake utni help karo” (She is not asking, she is trying. Try to help as much as possible), read the caption of the post. Take a look at the video here: 

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Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered over 5.5 million views, 558K likes and thousands of comments. Netizens couldn’t help but appreciate the woman’s hard work and spirit at this age, while many others also extended their support. Take a look at some of the reactions: 

“Sometimes we should buy from these hardworking people even if we don’t need it. It can help them a lot.” 

“Really in this age this woman is so great!” 

“I want to buy all her stuff. Please tell which route and train she travels by.” 

“I actually bought chocolates from her not because I wanted to have them but to support her for her hard work. I still have one of the orange flavours with me now.” 

“Respect to you, hope that smile always stays with you.” 

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