Viral Video: Bear Scratches Its Back On A Pole, Internet In Splits

Picture shows a wild bear scratching its back on a pole.

There are many posts on social media that can transform your day. Videos of wild animals enjoying in the wild or performing their day-to-day activities are frequently shared on social media. They become a hit with viewers too. One such video shows a bear scratching its back on a pole.

Shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Wednesday, the caption reads, “Good Scratch.” The video appears to have been captured in a wildlife sanctuary.

The 25-second clip opens with a bear sitting beneath a pole. Within seconds, it stands up and starts scratching its back on the pole. This adorable antic of the bear portrays as it is dancing and enjoying the process of scratching.

The video has attracted more than 3.1 million viewers and received over 1.3 lakh likes. More than 22,000 users have retweeted the post. Twitter users have flooded the comment section of the post delighted by the bear’s happy mood.

One user wrote, “That’s like the best pole dance I’ve ever seen. Someone is cute.”

“Good morning! Think we should all try to be more bear. Have a great day,” wrote another user while sharing the post.

“Nothing like a good bear scratch,” commented a third user.

A video went viral on the internet in July that showed a bear looking itself in the mirror and getting surprised. The mirror, which appears to have been set up on a pole in the woods, caught the attention of the bear passing by. As soon as the animal spotted its own reflection, it got shocked.

The hilarious video was shared by a user named 76doremi on Reddit with the caption: “Reaction of the bear after seeing himself for the first time.”

It managed to amass more than 14,000 up votes and hundreds of remarks.


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