Viral Photo: Passenger’s “Irritating” Act On A Flight Divides Internet

The viral photo has left the internet divided.

A photo of a person’s feet sticking out from under the airplane seat of another passenger has gone viral on the internet. Taking to Reddit, an internet user shared the image which showed the photo-taker sitting in an airplane seat with her legs spread apart – and in between them, two feet pushing their way into the space of the seat ahead of them. 

The Redditor didn’t indicate where the image was taken. Her photo, which was posted earlier this month, just showed two feet pushed so far under the seat in front of her that they’ve come out the other side, encroaching on another traveller’s space.

Take a look below: 

In the comments of the post, the original poster (OP) described the act as “irritating”. She said that the passenger sitting right behind her kept poking their feet even after she hinted that they were in her personal space. 

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“Mildly frustrating that this kept happening like every 15 minutes throughout the flight,” she wrote online, adding, “I actually started very lightly knocking the person’s feet with mine. Like in a very gentle ‘oops, I’m not sure what’s below my feet’ kind of way. I did this a few times. Didn’t seem to work.”

Since being shared, the Reddit post has attracted more than 2,000 comments. While some users, particularly taller people, defended the passenger’s act, others simply called the act “rude”. 

One user wrote, “I’m a tall person and have most probably done this with my feet.” Another said, “Remember, don’t hate the player – hate the game. I’m almost 6′ and it takes effort to not encroach into other economy passengers’ spaces, thanks to airlines’ cramped seating arrangements.” 

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A third commented, “Kick/stomp on them until they move? Don’t be a doormat and stand up for yourself every once in a while.” “I’d have found an excuse to stand up and look around occasionally/repeatedly and making sure I’d stamp on their feet and make eye contact,” commented fourth. 

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