Video: Karnataka Congress Leader ‘Floats’ On Waterlogged Road In Protest

Bengaluru is flooded today due to BJP’s 40% commission greed, he tweeted.

New Delhi:

As several parts of Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru remain inundated due to torrential rains in the last two days, the Opposition Congress has protested against the ruling BJP, accusing it of administrative mismanagement. Mohammed Haris Nalapad, President of Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee, was today seen trying to float on a flooded road by sitting on an inflated rubber tube.

In a video from the protest demonstration, Mr Nalapad is seen struggling to balance himself on the tube floating in the water while supporters hold his hands and drag him forward. Several Congress workers assembled at the site holding placards, demanding a solution to the severe waterlogging across the city.

Bengaluru is flooded today due to BJP’s 40% commission greed, he tweeted in Kannada soon after, in a dig at recent allegations of corruption against the state government. “Different forms of protest were held in Bellandur against the state government for not handling the situation properly and showing a negligent attitude,” he added.

“BJP, which has said that it will make this a world-class city, when will it provide facilities to the rain-soaked Bangalore? People of Bangalore are waiting. BJP, do you have the answer?” another tweet by him said. 

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai today blamed the previous Congress governments’ ‘maladministration’ and unprecedented rains in Bengaluru for the deluge.

He said, despite all odds, his government has taken it up as a challenge to restore the rain battered city, and make sure that such things don’t recur in the future.

Several areas of Bengaluru remain waterlogged following heavy rainfall that has bared the damage caused by unplanned development in the rapidly growing city.

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