US Woman Wins Rs 40 Lakh Lottery Using Old Vehicle’s Licence Plate Number: Report

The woman won lottery prize by using the license plate number.

A woman in the United States has claimed that she won $50,000 (nearly Rs 40 Lakh) lottery prize by using the license plate number from her wrecked car. According to a report in UPI, the 43-year-old lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Maryland lottery officials said that the woman claimed to have purchased her Pick 5 ticket at the Food Stop Mini Mart on Frederick Road in Baltimore and then made the decision to utilise her previous licence plate number to make a $1 straight wager.

After winning this huge amount, the woman couldn’t believe her luck. She checked her ticket twice before informing her mother about the winning. She told her mother, “I think I really hit the lottery big,” according to UPI.

“I never thought I would hit the five-digit,” she told lottery officials.

The woman plans to utilise the winning amount to pamper her three children and one grandson as well as pay off some bills and prepare her automobile for the winter, the outlet further said.

Few people become incredibly wealthy overnight after winning large lottery prizes, and their lives completely transform in a single day.

Recently, a 58-year old man in Michigan, the United States, won a lottery jackpot worth $100,000 (Rs 79 lakh) unknowingly entering into the Michigan Lottery’s $300,000,000 Diamond Riches Second Chance game on August 17.

The 58-year old unintentionally entered the game by scanning the tickets using the Michigan Lottery app. On a request to the lottery officials keeping his identity a secret, he intended to assist his family with the money he won.


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