Ukrainian Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Restaurant Hit By Russian Rocket In Kharkiv: Report

The kitten was rescued from a wooden hotel-restaurant complex that was hit by a rocket.

Ukrainian firefighters have saved many human lives from buildings damaged by shelling during the ongoing war with Russia. But over the weekend, they saved the life of a furry friend, a grey and white cat, according to a report in ABC News.

The kitten was rescued from a wooden hotel-restaurant complex that was hit by a rocket in Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv. The rescuers, who were outfitted amid full firefighting gear, battled blazing flames and smoke to remove the cat from beneath a metal chair in the wreckage, the outlet further said quoting the country’s emergency services.

After the rescue, the firefighters petted and cuddled the kitten while carrying it to safety, ABC News said. One of the firefighters kept it in arms while she was getting washed up with water from a fire truck, the outlet further said.

It quoted one of the rescuers as saying, “Get this kitty some oxygen.”

According to the Ukraine’s emergency services, the kitten’s paw got hurt and needed a medical care. The emergency services referred the firefighters as “Heroes of Our Time”.

“They protect, work, save, treat … And we wish the cat a speedy recovery,” they added.

Recently, the massive Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant’s final operational reactor was cut off from the Ukrainian grid on Monday after Russian shelling damaged electrical cables, according to news agency Reuters.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe with six reactors, in danger of being destroyed, is located in southern Ukraine and is still staffed by Ukrainians despite being occupied by Moscow in March.

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